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Office File Server and Remote Access



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A lot of Singapore-based companies invest in a file server in the office for the many advantages it brings. If your business makes use of a number of computer units and you wish to keep everything organized and backed up, you might also consider capitalizing on one.

Tick File Sharing

One of the key benefits brought by having a server is that it enables file sharing. Users are allowed to share folders and files with other users, as long as they have the right to do so. With file sharing, work becomes convenient as there can be less effort or difficulty in sharing or transferring files among employees.

Tick The Primary Storage

A file server acts as a primary storage of all files contained in several computer units. It doesn’t only back up all files, but it also gives utmost security which is of vital importance particularly to essential files. Being the primary storage, people can access its contents in the office and via remote access as long as they have proper login authentication.

Tick 24/7 Access with Secured VPN

When you have a file server in your office, all employees can have access to their files round-the-clock and wherever they may be. Through a well configured and secured VPN, quick and easy remote access to company files can be made possible.

Tick Privacy and Security Settings

Settings can be customized in such a way that folders can be made private and secured from unauthorised access. File sharing can be enabled only to authorised users with system identified login information.

Tick Automated Backup Solution: Added Protection

A backup server is a system that copies the contents of a file server, thus the redundancy. In case the primary server fails to work properly, at least there is a backup server that stores the same files. Because of this, you need not worry of losing important files due to unforeseen accidents or human negligence. A backup server, therefore, is for added protection. You can have the assurance that the same files can be restored or loaded back.

Tick File Server: An Investment

Singapore has an ever dynamic business environment. With technological tools, work can be made easier and faster. Investing on a file server for your business is a good decision you can make as an owner as it can yield a number of benefits. It might put a stress on your budget at first. However, having a server may be needed to improve your business operations. Remember, you should always fix your vision to the long-term benefits you can reap by choosing to have a temporary, short-term loss.

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