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Latest Promotions

Know the latest tech and bundles we have for your company.

Transform your business’ communication system with smarter and more reliable connectivity. Dynatech’s current lineup of services include IT support, online storage, data backup, data recovery, PC setup, office file server and remote access, file sharing, internet workspace network configuration, web solutions, and many more.

  • IT Support ensures that all your company’s IT services have minimum downtime and smooth operation. By partnering with Dynatech, you are assured that common issues such as bugs, security, IT infrastructure management, and data handling are handled professionally.

  • Online Storage is a practical way of storing your company’s electronic data. While traditional storage may have its advantages, online storage gives better and more secure access.

  • Data Backup is important for archiving purposes to prevent data loss. With the help of Dynatech, you are assured that important data in your company are safe.

  • Data Recovery is also part of our services to ensure that any information that is inaccessible, corrupted, lost, or damaged can still be recovered.

  • PC Setup can be complicated in many ways despite our tech savvy culture. Dynatech ensures that all your hardware and software are in operation and fully functional.

  • Office File Server and Remote Access gives your company an ace over competitors and it is also essential in any growing company. You are ensured that your company’s data are secured, organized, and accessible.

  • File Sharing is also much easier with streamlined IT services.

  • Internet Workspace Network Configuration optimizes overall connectivity in your office, but this can be complicated for some businesses. With the help of Dynatech, internet connectivity requirements and configurations are handled professionally.

  • Web Solutions offer your company a program that is accessible through a common browser. This makes communication and information sharing easier and up to date across all departments and/or branches.

Let our IT professionals at Dynatech study your current system and get expert advice on the best solutions to integrate to your infrastructure for the growth of your business.