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Emergency Troubleshooting of Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive is the storage device pre-installed inside laptops and PC units. These hard drives have enormous storage capacities that can accommodate different formats of files and data. They allow users to store huge volumes of documents like, software applications, videos, images, games, and a lot more. Also, it allows viewing and accessibility of such documents anytime we want, with being able to add and delete data according to our own preference.

Unfortunately, because of their multiple abilities, hard drives experience certain problems at times, which can hinder us from using it efficiently. The failure of hard drives to function well can be very stressful, especially if the affected unit holds thousands of highly significant files. The most dreadful that could happen when facing this problem is the permanent loss of data. To avoid this from happening, know the possible problem of your hard drive and do the corresponding solution to solve the issue.

Logical Failure

Logical failure happens when your laptop’s drive is healthy, but you can’t get pass through the booting process. There are many reasons why this happens. Some of these are system driver conflict, virus, human error, or software malfunction.  To solve this, make use of good data recovery software and make sure you correctly follow the instructions on how to use it. Cloning or imaging of laptop won’t solve the problem, neither the reinstalling of the system’s Windows. If you do this, you will only aggravate the existing problem.

Physical Failure

If the unit crashes because of hard drive malfunction, then it’s a physical hard drive failure. When this happens to your laptop, there’s still a good chance that the data in your hard drive is still intact and can be accessed with the right data recovery procedure. You can tell if your unit suffers physical failure if there are strange noises, like clacking, clicking, whirring, and grinding, coming from your laptop. Careful not to mistakenly identify the unit’s fan as your broken hard drive, listen closely to where the noises come from.

Recovery Solution

Your problem could either be a physical or logical failure. However, the user is still advised to immediately turn off the unit regardless of the type of failure the unit is experiencing. Whenever you suspect that there’s a hard drive failure, it is best to turn it off. This can help in preventing the loss of any data.

Software applications for data recovery can be helpful as well, even if you have accidentally deleted some of your important files. The data deleted from the system will still remain in the unit’s hard drive, unless it is overwritten, thus, making it possible to recover.

If you hear noises coming from the system, the problem is in the drive itself. Whenever you hear any unusual noises from the unit, it is highly recommended to immediately contact a Singapore computer technician. Utilizing the equipment without doing any action to solve its strange behavior may only result in aggravated damages, and may make data recovery job even more difficult.

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