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Data Recovery Procedure

Recovering lost data from different brands of hard disks, such as Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Quantum, Seagate, and Western Digital, can be done in many ways. Though the products used in recovering data from these hard drives claim different levels of recovery possibilities, they all have almost the same features and approaches. For recovery software, many of them have user-friendly interface that can basically execute tasks like reshaping corrupt panels and recovering data from accidental deletion and unintentional formatting.

However, if you opt to use the services of a Singapore recovery expert, you’ll have higher chances of recovering your data. Ever wonder what and how do they do such processes? Here are some of the procedures they execute.

1. Media Analysis

The first procedure that Singapore recovery experts do to the corrupted hard disks is to analyze them. This procedure is done in clean rooms. Clean rooms are especially intended only for data recovery procedure and are always kept clean to prevent accumulation of dust particles that can greatly affect the recovery of data in damaged hard drives. After the analysis, the technician will know the severity of corruption or damage that had happened to the disk.

2. Price Quotation
The next thing is that you will be informed by the price quotation. The price quoted by the technicians is based on the severity of the damage and the type of troubleshooting to be made. They will also inform you how much data can be restored after the whole recovery process. Also, since you’re paying for it, don’t hesitate to ask for complete analysis report.

3. Recovery Process Consent
If you’re satisfied with the analysis and the quotation seems reasonable for you, the next procedure is to make your recovery process consent. Email, hand deliver, or fax the letter to your technicians. Once they receive your consent, they will immediately begin the data recovery. If the files in your corrupted hard drive are highly confidential, such as trade records, secret photos, strategy plans, confidential project you’re currently working on, you may need to produce a non-disclosure agreement to be signed by the data recovery experts.

4. Outline of Data to be Recovered
Depending on the agreed terms included in the price quotation, the recovery company may send you another document containing the list of data that they can recover. If you’re happy with how much they can recover from your damaged drive, then respond to them by giving them the go signal to start doing the data recovery procedure.

5. Returning the Data to the Drive
If after the recovery the experts found out that your hard drive is still repairable, they will try to repair it and return the recovered data to the drive, allowing you to use the drive again. However, when experts see that there is no hope for your hard drive to be repaired, the recovered data will be returned to you in a number of formats, such as in external systems, or copying it to a new drive.

6. Shipping Back of Data
After recovering everything on the list, the data will be delivered to you on your choice of format. Some recovery firms keep a copy of your data for a period of one to two weeks in case your repaired drive fails to function well.

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