Data Backup Solutions for Companies in Singapore

In general, companies and various business make use of a file server. A File server helps keep all company files in one location --organized and

Data Backup

In general, companies and various businesses make use of a file server. A file server helps keep all company files in one location—organized and easily shared among staff and management. Data backup is crucial and critically important for a file server. Hardware failures happen eventually and without a proper backup & restore system in place, companies may be crippled when such situations arises. Dynatech implements backup solutions with several layers of backup, giving a more concrete data disaster recovery solution.

Benefits of a File Server

Tick Centralized Storage All files from several computer units are backed up into single, main file storage. Once you save a file, automatically there will be a duplicate or backup copy of the same file in the file server.

Tick File Sharing Since all files coming from different PCs are automatically saved in the file server, everybody can share files with one another. Everything becomes easier as you no longer need to email the files or use flash drives to do file transfer.

Tick 24/7 Access from Any Location Talk about convenience? A cloud server enables you to have a remote access to all your files anytime.

Tick Security Every staff has an account he or she can use to log into the file server to access and retrieve files. Everything is secured and safeguarded as you can also set privacy options for the folders.

Tick Time and Money Saver Everything is stored immediately in one place. Consequently, you can save both effort and time in case of system breakdown and files are lost.

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